Bats Removal

Mississauga Bats Removal

batThe Problems that Bats Pose

Although bats are critical to our ecosystem here in Mississauga, they can carry a variety of disease-causing agents. Some bats carry rabies, bat bugs and even the fungus Histoplasma capsulatum in their guano. Bat bugs are quite similar bed bugs, and live and feed on bats’ blood. However, they can also survive feeding off other warm-blooded mammals, such as human beings. This poses a serious health threat to us. Bats are the only mammals that live their entire lives with undetectable rabies, and this makes them even more dangerous than other rodents. The most alarming of the health hazards posed by bats is the H.capsulatum. This fungus is usually contained in bat guano or feces, and can actually become airborne to cause a respiratory disease called histoplasmosis. This is particularly dangerous to children and the elderly.

360 Wildlife Solves The Bat Problem

The removal of bats is a process that is very highly regulated and controlled. This is so because the large fines associated with bat slaughter can be as daunting as $10,000. For this reason it is imperative that the removal of bats be carried out with a high degree of care and respect.

Our local Mississauga professionals, here at 360 Wildlife, are the right people to help these sacred mammals seek refuge. We will ensure that the unsuspecting Squirrels are safely escorted to a more suitable environment and completely out of the way of your residence or business location.