360 Mississauga Pest Control

A well-established pest control, wildlife removal and extermination company primarily serving Mississauga, Brampton, Toronto, Markham, North York, Scarborough, Oakville, Milton, Burlington and Hamilton. Pest control Mississauga can prove to be a real problem for just about anybody. Some of the most common and difficult pests to deal with include Cockroaches, Bed Bugs and Ants. These insects are all quite easy to subject to extermination.

Our company also provide humane wildlife removal services.  Whether you own a home, business, commercial or industrial building, removing wildlife such as Raccoons, Squirrels, Skunks, Birds or Bats can prove to be an arduous task. We provide efficient and cost effective wildlife removal services available for Mississauga and the surrounding cities. Dealing with unwanted pests or unnecessary wildlife can truly be a nuisance, especially if it begins to interfere with your personal life or business. Pest control and wildlife removal are tasks that nobody wants to carry out personally, and thanks to 360 Wildlife, they don’t have to! We are standing by to assist you in making your residence, office or commercial setting more pleasant for everybody. For more information about Mississauga pest control or wildlife removal services, feel free to give us a call, send us an e-mail or fill out our online contact form and we’ll happy to answer any questions you might have.  For the best Mississauga pest control services, call 360 Wildlife today!


Bed bugs are extremely common pests for home and business owners alike in the Mississauga and surrounding areas. They affect home and business owners in various settings; Commercial, Residential, Institutional, Industrial, Schools and even in Hospitals. Call us for Mississauga pest control services.


Cockroaches pose an age-old problem for us here in Mississauga. Even in the cleanest and tidiest of residences, businesses and restaurants, these ugly pests seem to show up uninvited. The presence of such hideous insects can be quite detrimental to the reputation of your location. For superior Mississauga pest control services, call 360 Pest Control.


Mississauga is home to a variety of ant species including pharaoh ants, argentine ants, carpenter ants, citronella ants, pavement ants and thief ants. The carpenter ants in particular are most commonly found around the house and office. For Mississauga wildlife removal, call 360 Wildlife Control!


Hornets are a crucial part of our eco-system because they feed on lesser insects. Hornets build nests and seek shelter in places such as eaves, tree branches, corners of buildings and rooftops. We are your Mississauga wildlife control experts.


Regardless of the rodent you are dealing with, be it a house rat or a deer mouse in Mississauga, dealing with pesky rodents can be a real pain. Rats can be ugly looking, and habour a lot of different diseases, which can be harmful to other living entities. 360 Mississauga Pest Control is your #1 choice for rats and mice removal.


Raccoon Removal
There are numerous health dangers related to coming into contact with wildlife such as raccoon species.When anybody comes into any sort of contact with raccoon fecal matter, we are exposing ourselves to the risk of being infected by the aforementioned parasite.


Squirrels, much like other rodents, are very good chewers and can cause detrimental damage to your home or office building. Whether it’s wood, wires, shingles or plastic, squirrels can expertly chew their way through and create small openings into your building.



Although bats are critical to our ecosystem here in Mississauga, they can carry a variety of disease-causing agents. Some bats carry rabies, bat bugs and even the fungus Histoplasma capsulatum in their guano. Bat bugs are quite similar bed bugs, and live and feed on bats’ blood.


Skunks, as everybody knows, can pose a very serious problem when it comes to encounters with humans. And they absolutely stink! They are best known for the repugnant deterrent they emit to dissuade predators from attacking. This liquid is absolutely repugnant, and very difficult to remove from clothes and skin.


When it comes to problem-causing avian species, also known as birds, whether it’s Pest Pigeons, Sea Gulls, Geese, Hawks or Robins, they pose a variety of possible problems. Although not many species pose any direct hazard to human health, there are many indirect ways in which problem birds can be harmful.