Mississauga Bird Removal

The Problem

When it comes to problem-causing avian species, also known as birds, whether it’s Pest Pigeons, Sea Gulls, Geese, Hawks or Robins, they pose a variety of possible problems. Although not many species pose any direct hazard to human health, there are many indirect ways in which problem birds can be harmful. Apart from contact with humans, bird droppings can cause significant physical damage. The materials utilized by birds in the nesting process pose an additional threat and can wreck havoc on unsuspecting home and business owners. Bird removal is required for a variety different reasons; dead and diseased carcasses, large, problematic nests, or even frequent bird droppings in the area. Birds can cause local food & water sources to become contaminated with feces. Even the inhalation of fecal dust from these pest birds can pose serious health problems for others. What’s more, birds in the Mississauga area commonly harbour and spread diseases such as the West Nile Flu. It is critical to have problem birds identified and removed as soon as possible.

Our Solution here at 360 Wildlife

We very strongly believe in the humane removal of all animals, including birds like pigeons, hawks, falcons, sea gulls, robins and sparrows. 360 Wildlife applies the same humanity and care when dealing with other problem pests such as skunks, raccoons and squirrels. You can be sure that 360 Wildlife will get the job done quickly and efficiently and provide a long-term solution.

We take advantage of an arsenal of bird removal techniques, as the challenges we face vary from case to case. To further complicate the bird removal process, it is rare that bird control is successfully achieved by employing a single product or treatment. Often times, a combination of techniques must be employed to achieve the desired result in particular vicinity.

A few techniques include: Coil, Humane Falconry, Bird Spike, Bird-Shock Flex-Track, BirdSlide, Birdwire and many more!

Sometimes, it becomes necessary to improvise given the specific circumstance, and for this our highly skilled staff of technicians is on stand-by to deliver.


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