Usually you would hear noises in the attic such as scratching, running, or slow heavy movement. You might see physical damage to your soffit, shingles, vents

Absolutely NOT. The more you procrastinate, the more damage the animal causes to your property, such as Structural damage, Insulation damage & more.

In most cases we install a oneway door system which allows the animals to get out and not be able to get back in. This is the most humane and effective way to solve your problem. In other cases we might use live-catch traps to capture and relocate the animal or use a snare to physically capture it.

During baby season (May-Aug) babies have to be removed physically and placed in an incubator on client’s property. The mother will relocate the babies one by one to an already established secondary den. Babies cannot be placed too far away from the hole or there will be a risk of the mother abandoning the babies.

If babies are not mobile and not accessible, a oneway door cannot be installed. We need to wait untill the babies are mobile(might take few weeks depending on their age) then install a oneway door so that they can all get out as a family.

Most of the times this would result in the animal getting trapped inside without an escape route. This will cause the animal to panic and damage more areas in it’s effort to get out. Finally the animal can die somewhere in the attic and a horrible smell will take over your house for weeks. The best way is to have a professional evict the animal quickly & humanely.

Unfortunately, wild animal removal doesn’t come ready in a box. Every situation is different. Prices start from ‘BASIC REMOVAL’ to ‘FULL PREVENTION’. The final estimate will be provided by the technician after completing a comprehensive inspection of your property.

Yes. All our work is guaranteed 100% for one year from the date of intial service contract. The material that we use (16 guage galvanized steele mesh) lasts 10 to 15 years.

This is what we do everyday. We provide exceptional service followed by the best customer service in GTA. But don’t let us convince you, check out our reviews online and see what our client’s are saying about us.

No we do not. For injured animals or lost pets call your local OSPCA or Humane Society.

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